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U-BOND adhesive solutions

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2020/04/13 16:58
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comprehensive adhesive solutions
U-BOND Adhesive products cover silicone, epoxy, acrylic and polyurethane, widely used in portable smart devices and related accessories, such as mobile phones, IPad, notebook computers, wires and FPCB, power adapters and etc., LED and lighting, home appliances, new energy vehicles, photovoltaic panel and other industries.
The silicone product line mainly covers one-component RTV, one-component heating cured silicone, two-component filling and two-component condensation silicone. It is mainly used in PCB filling, PCBA surface coating, shell sealing, thermal conductivity bonding and other scenarios.
The product line of epoxy resin includes one-component heat curing and two-component curing. It is typically used for BGA/CSP uderfill, solder joint reinforcement and protection of components on FPCB, bonding and fixing of magnetic components, thermal conductivity bonding between chips and heat sinks, filling of modules and etc.
Acrylic products include one-component UV curing, one-component anaerobic curing, two-component curing and bottom primer curing. They are widely used in FPCB component encapsulation, solder joint reinforcement and protection, lens and PCB bonding, thread locking, magnet and T-iron bonding, thermal conductivity bonding between chips and heat sinks, shell structural bonding and etc.
Polyurethane adhesives include one-component reactive hot melt adhesives and two-component PU. It is mainly applied to shell structural bonding, the bonding sealing of glass and metal, structural bonding between the core and the core, and the bonding between the core and the side plate, and etc.