New Generation Low Temperature Solder Paste

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New Generation Low Temperature Solder Paste

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2019/05/20 14:59
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Low temperature solder paste
Low temperature reflow can greatly increase production yield while reducing power consumption and carbon emissions. It is the trend of the next generation of electronic assembly solutions. It can be applied to the production of personal consumer electronic products such as computers and home appliances. At the same time, the low-temperature reflow process can completely abandon the wave soldering process, thereby greatly reducing production costs and improving product reliability.
     Eunow DW-1000 solder paste is a new generation of low temperature lead-free solder paste. Using the patented LTS037 alloy, it can be reflow soldered at 170 degrees peak temperature. It can completely solve the NWO (Non-Wet Open) defect caused by the high temperature of the current SAC305 solder paste during the soldering process.
     Eunow participated in the lTS project of iNEMI and performed well in various evaluations. It is the best choice for the next generation of low temperature assembled solder.