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Dongguan U-BOND Technology INC. which located in Datang Village, Dalingshan Town, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of electronic assembly materials and supporting automation equipment. It is products mainly including electronic adhesives, electronic soldering materials, semiconductor special materials, automatic dispensing equipment and provide customers with soldering, bonding, surface treatment and other electronic packaging solutions. The products are widely used in intelligent terminals, communications, new energy and semiconductor and other fields.

 U-BOND is one of the leading enterprises which products electronic assembly materials in China. Since its establishment, the company has always been deeply engaged in the electronic assembly materials industry. Through continuous technology research and development, experience accumulation and market development, the company has established a rich product matrix, perfect production, research and development and sales service system, and formed a good industry reputation. 




· 2003 U-Bond Technology was established

· 2005 Dongguan Eunow was established

· 2006 Suzhou Eunow was established

· 2007 Jiangmen Tailian was established

· 2011 U-Bond Technology brought in PE institutions,Suzhou Eunow was recognized as a high-tech enterprise

· 2012 Suzhou Eunow R&D institution was recognized as a municipal engineering center

· 2013 U-Bond Technology is recognized as a high-tech enterprise

· 2014 Dongguan Eunow is recognized as a high-tech enterprise

· 2015 U-Bond Technology and Dongguan Eunow R&D institutions are recognized as municipal engineering centers

· 2016 In January, the company was established. In June, the New Third Board was successfully listed. In December, U-Bond Technology acquired Dongguan Eunow and completed major asset restructuring.

· 2017 In February, the company was identified as a pilot company for the Dongguan Multiplier Program. In October, the company completed a private placement and raised funds of 108 million yuan. In October, the company was identified as a listed company in Dongguan.

· 2018 In January, the New Third Board was delisted. In February, maintain the double qualification. In July, the automation company was established. In August, Zhuhai U-Bond was established.