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2019/05/20 15:13
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The inaugural meeting of Chongqing Electronic Industry Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Alliance and the 31st CEIA China Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing Series Forum was successfully held on February 28, 2019 at the Marriott Hotel in Chongqing.
On the occasion of the inaugural meeting of Chongqing Electronic Industry Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Alliance, the guest lineup of this CEIA Chongqing Forum is exceptionally luxurious. Almost all of the well-known electronics companies in Chongqing have high-level representatives. The guests exchanged ideas and discussed in depth the industry topics, and joined hands to promote the industry's progress!
The forum is divided into two parts: precision manufacturing and high-reliability. The experts will gather experts according to each specific theme. Make sharing and questioning content more professional, and information exchange and delivery is more effective!
On the occasion of the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing in Chongqing, based on the characteristics of the industry, and taking advantage of their respective advantages, the group established Chongqing Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Alliance to provide intelligent manufacturing technology consulting and knowledge popularization services, and provide intelligent and advanced intelligent manufacturing. The overall solution is the trend of the times and is imperative.
We insist on paying equal attention to the offline and online, disseminating valuable knowledge and information, bringing the leading edge of electronic manufacturing technology and electronic manufacturing technology to the industry, and discussing the latest technologies, processes and solutions with the electronics manufacturing companies. Everyone is involved! For better welding materials and better service, please choose Eunow!