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AB potting machine

▲ Touch screen operation interface, easy to learn and understand;
▲ Various parameters are adjustable, the amount of adhesive is stable, and no adhesive is leaked;
▲ It can realize fast programming; integrated with adhesive, potting and track potting functions, fully automatic operation;
▲ On-demand ratio, to achieve glue mixing while mixing, to maximize glue savings;
▲ Double barrel designed, adhesive A and adhesive B are stored separately to ensure that the adhesive does not solidify for long time;
▲ The mixing ratio is adjustable from 100:100 to 100:10;
▲ With online three-axis, used as a single machine
▲ Optional rubber mixing, heating and vacuum defoaming function, suitable for different types of glue filling process
Applicable Adhesive
Low viscosity two-component Adhesive such as epoxy , PU , and Silicon
Application Field
Semiconductor package、Semiconductor package, PCB parts fixing and protection, LED potting, battery box potting, auto parts potting, hardware parts packing potting, quantitative liquid filling.
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Technical Parameters:

Ratio accuracy ±1%
Exjection accuracy ±1%
The mixing ratio Adjustable from 100:100 to 100:10, using dynamic or static mixing, mixing evenly and fully
Spitting speed 60g / min ~ 1440g / min
Measurement method Stepper motor + gear pump / rotary plunger pump
Plastic bucket mixing power 120W
Mixing power 180W
Heating power 300-1000W
Working environment Humidity: 20-90%, temperature 0-40 °C
Single barrel size 30 liters  325 (D) X410 (L)  2
Weight 200KG
Air pressure 1-10bar
 Mixing speed 10-100RPM
Machine size L*W*H(1200*700*1200)


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