solder bar product guide

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solder bar product guide

EUNOW’s lead-free solder bar is made from high purity raw materials and has a variety of alloy options. It has good flowability, low slag characteristics.
EUB Series
Application Field
Widely used in electronic wave soldering and hot dip tinning process such as tinning of component terminal, cable, solar ribbon, semi-flexible cable, etc.
Packing Specification
1KG/Root 20KG/Box
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Product Description
Product parameters



More product selection is as follows.Please select the appropriate product according to the specific application and purpose. Halogen free type solder paste is available to each application.



Alloy Composition Product Remarks
Sn96.5/Ag3.0/Cu0.5 EUB-305A  
Sn97.0/Ag3.0 EUB-305B Addition of EUB-305A
Sn99.0/Ag0.3/Cu0.7 EUB-0307A  
Sn99.7Ag0.3 EUB-0307B Addition of EUB-0307A
Sn99.3Cu0.7 EUB-SC07A EUB-SC07A 
Sn99.8Cu0.2 EUB-SC07B Addition of EUB-SC07A
SACX0200 EUB-0207A Addition of EUB-0207A
纯Sn/Pure Tin EUB-99  




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