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Anti punching additive

By using auxiliary, EU8215 can be added to the aluminum alloy Chemical polishing solution.The surfactant, macromolecular organic compound, wetting agent, corrosion inhibitor and suitable polar group-containing substance in the additive can effectively enhance the polishing effect of the solution,such as surface flatness, brightness, Punching, pitting and part weight loss rate.
Applicable process
Anodic oxidation
Application Field
This product may have a small amount of yellow oil on the surface before useing, please stir or shake evenly and then use; This product can be added directly to the polishing solution, mixing evenly can be used; The appropriate addition of this product is 1%-3%, according to the actual situation to adjust the amount of addition.In the production process if the parabolic fluid is replaced or the new polishing solution to join, it should be added in accordance with the scale in time.
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