Online automatic AB adhesive potting machine

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Online automatic AB adhesive potting machine

▲ Touch screen operation interface, easy to learn and understand;
▲ With points, lines, faces, arcs, circles, irregular curve continuous tween and three-axis linkage, can adapt to any irregular object potting;
▲ Various parameters are adjustable, the amount of adhesive is stable, and the glue is not leaking.
▲ Optional CCD vision programming system for fast programming;
▲ Three functions of adhesive, potting and track potting are integrated, fully automatic operation;
▲ On-demand ratio, the volumetric online proportioning method is adopted to realize the adhesive mixing while mixing, and the adhesive is saved to the maximum extent;
▲ Mixing system, AB valve + mixing hose, make the glue mix evenly and fully;
▲ Fully automatic assembly line operation, which can connect equipment such as docking station and curing oven;
▲ The storage tank is equipped with a liquid level sensor switch, and the material is automatically alarmed;
▲ With heating function, consisting of PID temperature control, temperature measurement platinum resistance, digital temperature control table;
Applicable Adhesive
Low viscosity two-component Adhesive such as epoxy , PU , and Silicon.
Application Field
Semiconductor package, PCB parts fixing and protection, LED potting, battery box potting, auto parts potting, hardware parts packing potting, quantitative liquid filling
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Technical Parameters:

Model ZS531
The scope of work 500(X)╳300(Y)╳100(Z)mm
Maximum speed 300mm/sec
Ratio accuracy ±1%
Exjection accuracy ±1%
The mixing ratio 100:100~100:10
Spitting speed 1g/sec~15g/sec
Operating system Win7/XP
Measurement method Stepper motor + gear pump / rotary plunger pump
Transfer method Servo motor + linear module
Power supply 220V
Machine size 1200(L) ╳1000(W)╳1600(H)mm
Weight 约400KG
Working environment Humidity: 20-90%, temperature 0-40 °C


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