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Vertical online dispenser

The machine captures and calculates the position of the product through the vision system, and the three-axis servo manipulator drives the spray valve to precisely dispense the position of the product.
Applicable Adhesive
One-component adhesive for hot melt adhesive, UV adhesive, silicone, red adhesive, underfill
Application Field
Precise fine coating of PCB 、 FPC and micro lens , underfill of chip, and precision dispensing process for mounting adhesive bonding
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Product Description
Product parameters


Technical Parameters:

Machine model OL841
Machine travel X800*Y400*Z100mm

W804*D1470*H1626mm (excluding three-color warning light, opening height 2000)

Dispensing maximum speed X-Y-Z 500 mm/s
Dispensing area X700*Y400 (can be customized for different specifications)
Repeatability ±0.02 mm
Z axis bearing weight 5kg
Drive mode Servo + Screw
control method oint to point ,straight line and arc complement
Built-in dispensing controller (set) 1 set (can be 2 or more sets)
Programming interface Industrial control computer
Program capacity 75 programs / 450 points with SD expansion port
Input power 220V/50Hz
Input pressure 0-7kgf/cm²
working environment Humidity: 20-90% Temperature: -10-40 °C


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