Desktop three-axis dispenser with hot melt adhesive heating device

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Desktop three-axis dispenser with hot melt adhesive heating device

This series of products adopts the touch screen menu teach pendant, and the intuitive teaching programming of the call type. By selecting the mode of point, line, circle and arc, the working position is moved and recorded, and the heating temperature of the hot melt glue dispenser is stabilized. The size can be adjusted in a large range, and the specific outer protection facilities are safe and reliable in operation.
Applicable Adhesive
Hot Melt Adhesive
Application Field
Semiconductor package, circuit board dispensing package, relay dispensing package, PCB electronic parts fixing and protection, mobile phone/notebook case bonding, LCD glass substrate package, LED dispensing. Optical lens dispensing and packaging, sensor dispensing. Dispensing medical equipment. Automotive parts coating, IC bonding, metal parts coating and bonding. Battery injection, horn dispensing, quantitative liquid filling, etc.
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Product Description
Product parameters



Technical Parameters:

Parameters Table
Dispensing  travel X axis 300mm   Y axis 300mm   Z axis 100mm
Dimensions W470*D560*H610mm
Dispensing maximum speed X-Y-Z 500 mm/s
Repeatability ±0.02 mm
Z axis bearing weight 3kg
Drive mode Stepper/synchronous belt
ilt-in dispensing controller (set)
set (can be 2 or more sets)
Programming interface Touch screen teach pendant
Graphicable Line circle arc
Program capacity 75 programs / 450 points with SD expansion port
Input power 220V/50Hz
Input pressure 0-7kgf/cm²
Working temperature -10-40 °C
Working environment humidity 20-90%


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