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Four station bulb machine

The scheme is a rotary four-station automatic dispenser with three axes and angles adjustable . It is equipped with a set of three-axis and angle adjustable mechanism, a set of four-station turntable, a set of dispensing device and a set of product rotating mechanism. Equipped with man-machine interface, user-friendly design work interface, simple and convenient operation. The dispensing mechanism has an adjustment function and a suckback function to achieve product diversification.
Applicable Adhesive
One-component adhesive such as silicone, UV invisible adhesive, two-component epoxy etc.
Application Field
Bulbs, horns, studs, etc.
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Technical Parameters:

Machine model ZR100 - 4
Three-axis adjustable  travel X axis 200mm   Y axis 200mm   Z axis 200mm
Dimensions Can meet the product's size processing requirements: can be applied to different specifications of the product, just replace the  fixture
Rated speed X-Y-Z 300 mm/s
Repeatability ±0.02 mm;
Dispensing accuracy Control at ±0.05mm;
Whether the dispensing head has a suck back function Yes
Drive mode Stepper motor + rail
Input power 220V/50Hz
Input pressure 4-7kgf/cm²
Total Weight 30kg


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